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Meet Dr Phil Bartender
Doctor of Mixology
TIPs Certified Instructor




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Dr. Phil Bartender
Certified Doctor of Mixology and a TIPPS Certified Instructor

In 2000 he became a Doctor of Mixology began his practice in Bartending.

Prior to that
Dr Phil Bartender earned his Bachelor's Degree from San Jose State, and for the past 30 years worked in the semiconductor, telecommunications and consumer electronics industries where he held various senior level management positions before retiring.

Dr Phil Bartender's communication and leadership skills, along with his business experience, enhance his ability to provide you with a high level of Bartending service.

Here is a snapshot of his recent Bartending venues:

Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance, AT&T Golf Tournament, Fairmont Hotel, Sheraton Hotel, Lou's Village, Servers A La Carte, Crystal Springs, Marriott Hotel, Westin Hotel, San Jose Convention Center, Santa Clara Convention Center, Grand Indian buffet, and many private parties and social events.


Certified TIPPS Instructor  


TIPPS is a skills-based training program designed to prevent intoxication, underage drinking, and drunk driving.  It establishes acceptable standards of practice for serving alcohol beverages in your establishment.



·         Compliance with state and local regulations

·         Protection from alcohol liability lawsuits

·         Decreased penalties for alcohol violations

·         Better bottom line through lower insurance premiums

·         Improved customer service and satisfaction

·         Increased staff professionalism.

Bachelor's Degree from San Jose State. And forfrom the Corporate world, I decided to become a Doctor of  
















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